jouer anti aging moisture primer

jouer anti aging moisture primer

in the last six months it has become abundantly clear that a lack of sleep truly does read all over your face. for me, sleep deprivation is coming across loud and clear, in the form of tired, lackluster skin. there’s puff, there’s sag, and there really is a begging for some tender loving care.

these days, my favorite go-to makeup just isn’t cutting it. kind of like an ill-fitting dress, the stuff i once clung to in order to bring an even brightness to my face seems to be highlighting all of the wrong areas. it’s clear that i need a little something extra in order to put my best face forward. i need a primer.

i don’t know about you, but i have historically had a love-hate relationship with primers. while they make my skin look flawless, they tend to create new problems and blemishes by way of clogged pores, perpetuating a vicious cycle of creating and covering flaws. i’m yet to find one that i can use daily as opposed to just when the occasional dire need arises to look flawless.

jouer has changed the game up a bit with their anti aging moisture primer. the difference is noticeable at first touch. it feels heavenly on skin and adds the exact right amount of hydration and complexion perfection. there’s just the slightest touch of pearly shimmer in the formula – only barely visible on the skin, but apparent if you peek at your fingers after smoothing it on. once in place, my makeup goes on seamlessly and has an elevated look. there’s a glow and an evenness to my skin tone that wasn’t there before, plus a liveliness that i’ve been lacking.

this stuff is very good and it has not broken me out in the least. it’s the helping hand that my graceful aging process has been calling for and the perfect boost to my daily routine so long as this lack of sleep thing keeps going. (and unfortunately, i hear that it’s going to keep going.)

jouer anti aging moisture primer, $38 >

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