sachajuan scalp shampoo + conditioner

sachajuan scalp shampoo conditioner

it has taken me most of my adult life to learn that good hair begins with a healthy scalp. just like your face, there’s a moisture balance there that must be maintained in order to enjoy the hair of your dreams.

my hair is not so dreamy. it tends to get greasy by the middle of day two after washing which leaves me looking a bit unkempt and has me hanging somewhere between needing to wash my hair daily and being able to get away with an every-other-day dousing. the struggle is real.

in recent years, i have had the best luck with shampoos designed to cleanse my scalp and sachajuan scalp shampoo is the latest and greatest thing to hit my shower shelf. first of all, the stuff is beautiful and unfussy at the same time. it has a gel-like consistency that i rub between my two hands and then scrub into my scalp. the lather factor is very low, but the cleansing results are super good. sachajuan has included ingredients to eliminate flakes and itching while also boosting its formula with lovely things like rosemary oil, menthol, salicylic acid and ginger extracts. in the briefest of terms, this is a treatment shampoo that leaves your hair looking really pretty.

on the conditioner front, sachajuan counteracts scalp shampoo’s treatment abilities with more shine and volume than i have ever received from a conventional conditioner. after my scalp is clean, i remove as much water as i can from my hair and apply the tiniest bit of their normal hair conditioner on the bottom half, keeping it clear of my scalp. it smooths and detangles, and when all is said and done, the hair at my roots is left with lift and body. the shafts and ends are clean, but not dried out. everything feels soft, but doesn’t look flat or greasy.

sachajuan is making my hair oh-so happy and i’m only wondering why it took me so long to discover this absolute gem of a hair product line.

sachajuan scalp shampoo, $25 >

sachajuan conditioner, $13.50 >

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2 Comments to sachajuan scalp shampoo + conditioner

  1. bellebellebeauty says:

    Oh I am definitely checking this out as I too am in the “in between every day and every other day” camp! Thanks!

    • lara ramos says:

      HI FRIEND! i think you’ll love this one – your hair is much longer than mine, but it should still be a great little product for you :)

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