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i wouldn’t have ever considered my hair damaged until i started using a product designed for damaged hair and noticed a tremendous difference. i guess that my regular cycle of blowdrying and straightening inflicts more pain and suffering on my hair than i realized because bumble and bumble has made a major impact on its strength and appearance, almost overnight.

their new repair blowdry is a serum in cream formula that is virtually weightless. it seals split ends and protects against heat damage while leaving my hair noticeably softer, with more volume. a small dose of this beautiful stuff gives me a better blow-dry than anything else i have used. it’s blowing my hair back to life! (miracle number one.)

perhaps best of all, the elixir can be left on my hair to air dry because there is a deep hydration blend inside of this tube that tames frizz and flyways without feeling heavy or sticky. i have never been able to air dry my hair without curl products until now. (miracle number two.) i can also rough-dry style my hair without using my flat iron in a pinch and it actually looks good – kind of tousled and shaped in a haphazard way that does not appear sloppy. (in case you are keeping track, that’s miracle number three.)

i got the tiniest dose of this product as a sephora beauty insider perk. it has already lasted me for weeks and there’s no fear of it running out anytime soon. a little (i mean a very, very little – we are talking a pea sized amount or less) goes a long way, bringing our total miracle count to four and sending me officially on my way to sephora to pick up a full-sized tube.

bumble and bumble repair blow dry, $30 >

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2 Comments to bumble and bumble repair blow dry

  1. I’ve been dying to try this product. It sounds amazing!

    xo, Jen

    • lara ramos says:

      your hair will l-o-v-e! it has saved my damaged hair and although i keep testing new stylers, i continue to come back to this one which is a telling sign.

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