queen bee lip treatment by lipstick queen

lipstick queen queen bee lip balm

obvious fact of the day: it’s freezing.

i don’t think i have ever been so consistently exposed to dry air in my life and my whole body is feeling the effects. my lips are craving comfort and at a time when i would normally reach for a business balm like aquaphor or my recent favorite, something super pretty steps onto the scene.

if you’re into designer balms, you’re about to start licking your lips because poppy king has created one that’s truly unique. at first glance, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way this luxe tube houses anything able to tackle this kind of dryness, but you’d be wrong. beyond the beautiful package lies a stick treatment with a sweet honey fragrance and an unexpected bronze gold finish. slick it on your lips and you’ll discover a formula that soothes chapped lips while softening and plumping as you wear it. it feels ah-mazing and the subtle shimmering finish gives a little life to your otherwise natural beauty look.

lipstick queen has delivered the antidote to suffering winter lips. with ingredients like royal jelly, chamomile and sunflower extract to nourish, repair and hydrate, this glamorous new balm is a beautiful way to combat the way harsh weather.

lipstick queen queen bee, $22 >

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2 Comments to queen bee lip treatment by lipstick queen

  1. Suzanne says:

    I am so glad you tried this! I’ve been eyeing it!!