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the right makeup brushes are key to any beauty look, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to complete your collection. i have always been a fan of the bargain beauty brush, often finding them to be better quality and more long-lasting than their pricier counterparts. these days options are endless with brands like real techniques, ecotools, and essential tools so widely available. that being said, it makes sense to turn to the right brand for the right tool, so here are my tricks for selecting the best brushes.

  1. real techniques has mastered the art of foundation application. we all know that i love this brush, but i have recently turned to its more shapely sister, the sculpting brush, to apply my daily favorite. it blends so, so beautifully! the bristles are so soft and dense, and the finish is flawless.

  2. essential tools is it for eyes. when you can buy three essential brushes for less than it costs to snag your favorite eyeshadow, you know you’re doing something right. the everyday eye set contains all that you need to craft your favorite look. i’m currently running with this maybelline duo – i use the large shadow brush to cover the base of my lid in the lighter shade and then the angled shadow brush to get some definition in the crease. so simple!

  3. for a smooth, high-definition look, get yourself this gorgeous mattifying finish makeup brush from ecotools. you have never seen such a beauty for less than $9! the duo fibers pick up just enough of my go-to powder and the soft contours mean that the problem areas – like those crevices around my nose – don’t get shiny.

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