l’occitane almond velvet youthful body serum

l'occitane almond velvet body serum

those of you who dread applying body lotion as much as i do are going to love this new body serum from l’occitane. it’s a lightweight, silky creme that vanishes into skin, leaving behind a subtle and super-pretty scent.

i’m admittedly horrible about caring for the skin below my chin, so adding something into my mix that works to even tone is definitely a big upgrade. the fact that this stuff leaves me visibly softer without any grease or stickiness? well that’s just plain icing on the cake.

i actually look forward to rubbing this in post-shower because it’s such a luxurious, yet un-fussy part of my routine. i feel like i’m getting my skin closer to spring-ready with each application and i’m finding that the comfort it’s providing for my dry, lackluster arms and legs is a major step up from my previous body skin regimen, otherwise known as nothing.

results-wise, i can definitely say that the top layers of my skin are looking and feeling renewed  – and (spoiler alert!) i’m thinking of gifting this gorgeous bottle to every single mama i know come mother’s day.

l’occitane almond velvet body serum, $52 >

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  1. I am so obsessed with this too! The delicate scent is too good. And I agree – not greasy but makes my skin look so healthy :)

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