r+co analog cleansing foam conditioner

r+co analog

back when i used to dye my hair blonde and tie my ponytail with a black satin ribbon, dove made a foam conditioner that i bought and used religiously. it was like a mousse that you used in the shower and it was the most weightless conditioner that i have used to date. it smoothed and detangled, leaving my hair feeling incredibly soft and fluffy without any grease. sadly, they discontinued the conditioner somewhere in the last decade and i have been floundering ever since. (note: you can still buy it on amazon, but i’m pretty sure those cans are 10+ years old…)

when i got word from r+co that they were releasing a foam conditioner, i swear my mouth started salivating. designed to “fight the evil forces of gravity” this gorgeous formula exits the can as a cream conditioner, but rub it between your hands and it turns into a rich foam (kind of like shaving cream). it does all of the dirty work to detangle and soften my hair after a vigorous shampoo, but it rinses completely clean without any extra effort.

it’s bringing my ponytail back to the good old days (ahem, 2004) with all kinds of fluff and bounce. the weightless softening and conditioning might be a step or two above what dove delivered, thanks to the ever changing technology of haircare, and while the $29 price tag is far from the $3 that i used to spend at the drugstore, you really can’t put a price tag on good hair.

r+co analog cleansing foam conditioner, $29 >

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