urban decay enigma eyeshadow primer potion

urban decay enigma

i don’t craft anything crazy in the eyeshadow department, but i cannot stand a creased lid. for whatever reason, my eyes tend to be a little oily so that means my favorite shades are often in jeopardy by mid-afternoon. for a solid three years, i’ve used mac painterly paint pot for added security. while it served the purpose, it’s not technically a primer so i found myself searching recently for something a little stronger.

historically, one of the best things going on the market is urban decay primer potion, but the original shade is a little too pink and chalky for me. it never really did the trick. when i caught wind that a limited edition shade and revamped formula had been created, i had high hopes that it would work for me.

the enigma shade is a neutral matte beige, a perfect match for my skin tone without impacting the true colors of my go-to shadows. you swipe it on with the applicator, then blend into place with your ring finger. it’s soft and easy to work with, creating a beautiful canvas. i love how it preps my eyelids and it also brightens the tiniest bit. something in the formula smooths out my eyelids to eliminate any minor imperfections and it dries to a satin matte finish.

the real test? it holds shadow in place for a solid eight hours. it’s a gorgeous shade and formula, a total workhorse in a very pretty package.

unfortunately it’s one of those things you’ve got to grab ASAP as i’m not convinced that it will be around for long!

urban decay enigma eyeshadow primer potion, $20 >

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5 Comments to urban decay enigma eyeshadow primer potion

  1. Betta says:

    Sounds amazing! I definitely have to check it out :)


  2. beth says:

    I also love the Nars eyeshadow primer. It’s colorless, so you don’t get a brightening effect like with some primers, but it holds shadows like nothing else I’ve found. I can do a workout and still have perfectly applied eye color after!

    • lara ramos says:

      i have heard good things about the nars, but i have never tried it – adding it to my list! thanks for the recommendation!

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