previse nutrify

previse nutrify

my poor skin does not get the star treatment that it once did. if we’re going to get real, in the current crazy pace of life, i can go days without washing my face. it’s bad, i know – and the effects read like a billboard of clogged pores, dryness, and redness. foundation can only do so much and lately i’ve been left looking and feeling like my face is actually falling apart.

i’m aware that my routine needs consistency, but also a serum or night treatment on top of my cleanser-toner regimen. familiar with my own limits and knowing that i am barely committing to two steps, let alone three, i set out to simplify even further while still adding something to the current lineup, not taking something away.

i stumbled upon previse nutrify through boxycharm and just a few drops on the back of my hand impressed me enough to take it straight to my face. it’s not a toner or a serum and the consistency reminds me a lot of this product from first aid beauty, but more hydrating and nourishing. i apply a full dropper full to a cotton pad and swipe it over my skin after cleansing. it takes the place of my toner and the cotton pad still helps to remove any traces of remaining makeup, but the intensely hydrating tonic helps to soothe and improve my neglected and irritated skin. my face is touchably soft when i’m done and i fall asleep knowing that i’m doing something nice for my face for once.

in the mornings, my face has been increasingly less red and rough. it’s bright, clear, calm – i want to shout it from the rooftops, this stuff is so good! i don’t think that i’ve seen such an overwhelmingly positive change to my skin with one product possibly ever before. best of all, since it’s oil-free, my breakouts are fading and i’m seeing instant results.

bottom line, this tonic is reversing damage and healing my skin with a visible difference after just one night’s use. if my glowing recommendation doesn’t convince you to purchase a bottle for yourself, please read through the customer reviews online. i tested this on a total whim and it has quickly become a must-have!

previse nutrify tonic, $48 >

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