covergirl cheekers blush in classic pink


covergirl checkers classic pink

finding the right blush is just plain hard. you want something flattering, but natural-looking (i mean, you don’t want to look like you’re actually wearing blush). a true winner is one that makes you look alive, vibrant and glowing, so it has to have depth and it cannot fall flat. also? you want it to be easy and gosh darn it, you want it to be pretty!

it’s painful enough to find all of these things, let alone find them at the drugstore level. in a recent and desperate search for a new blush, i stumbled upon a recommendation from that i could not overlook. for fair skin with red undertones, they said it’s best to go with a cool pink so as not to look ruddy. (i just about leapt from my seat when i read it, because most blushes make me too rosy!) beyond that, they recommended covergirl cheekers in classic pink, ringing it at a whopping $2.59 on amazon.

i snatched it up instantly and have been using it for weeks. gals, this blush is the business. it’s incredibly natural while still delivering a gorgeous pop of color. it stays all day long and has not led to a single breakout. it’s the perfect pink without a lick of sparkle. i have been using this brush to layer the pink goodness over this bronzer (harmony shade) for an insanely good summer glow.

easy, breezy, beautiful? yes, yes, and yes.

covergirl cheekers blush in classic pink, $2.59 >

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2 Comments to covergirl cheekers blush in classic pink

  1. Ophélie says:

    I think this was my very first blush purchase, about 15 years ago, and I should probably pick it up again. The colour is perfect, but the packaging is horrendous! How do you manage to get even colour onto the brush?

    • lara ramos says:

      i agree that the packaging is a challenge! i like a very concentrated blush brush – i use bobbi brown which is kind of thin and flat and one from sephora that is extra tiny (the small blush and contour) so i’m able to get the job done.