earth tu face skin stick

earth tu face skin stick

i have long been needing a nourishing nighttime lip treatment. 33 years of pursing my lips when concentrating, driving and writing blog posts has left me with some major lines in that department and i will do just about anything to counteract further damage. after learning from tara at follain that anti aging products are not doing the nicest things to my skin, i begged store director alyse to point me towards her favorite lip product in the store.

she did not hesitate before handing me earth tu face skin stick, touting its multipurpose healing abilities along with its ultra hydrating formula. “it’s the most soothing balm i’ve ever felt” i believe were her exact words, to which i replied “done!”

now that i’ve got the 100% compostable cardboard tube living permanently in the tray atop my bedside table, i can tell you that a lyse was not wrong. not only has this balm changed the skin on and around my lips, but i have also used it to soothe two (count them, two) cooking-induced stove burns. (domestic i am not.)

the most impressive and different thing about this balm compared to all others in my drawers is that the all natural ingredients gel so nicely with my skin. for as long as i can remember, i have had tiny bumps (pimples!) on the edges of my lips, but they have vanished since bringing earth tu face into my life. beyond that, the ingredient vetiver is actually working some anti aging magic with its proven abilities to regenerate skin tissues and reveal smoother, younger looking skin.

i never imagined that a natural and nontoxic product could outperform my favorite brands, but here i am, never happier to have been proven wrong –¬†and enjoying younger-looking lips to boot.

earth tu face skin stick, $34 >


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