mark. buenos aires vibe eau de toilette spray

glass bottle of perfume with wild and colorful floral print

i like to change up my scent for summer. for me, it’s right up there with increasing the spf in my daily moisturizer and going a touch heavier in the bronzer department. so, what do i want in a fragrance for the warmer months? something fresh and vibrant – something that smells like vacation.

the best scents take us on a sensory getaway and for summer 2015, mark. is taking us to straight to buenos aires with their instant vacation collection. the annual release is always a joy, but this season the tropical locale has inspired some extra pretty products – and at the top of the pack is buenos aires vibe eau de toilette spray.

this gorgeous perfume is ultra affordable. it smells exotic at first spritz and there’s just an easy flirtatiousness that instantly makes you feel good. i love that mark. always brings unique notes together for combinations that you can’t get anywhere else. vibe has passion fruit, violet and musk that result in this kind of spicy sweetness – and it carries me away every time that i wear it.

i can’t help but think that the fragrance is begging to be paired with bold prints, flowy fabrics and all of the carefree, fabulous fun that comes with this time of year. as if the bottle itself isn’t stunning enough, mark. has really helped to ease the sting of working all summer long without relief. i adore catching whiffs of vibe’s feisty florals throughout the day – imagining that a summer escape is right around the corner.

mark. buenos aires vibe eau de toilette spray, $24 >

thank you to mark. for having me as a blogger ambassador again this year!

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