one love organics the cleansing sponge rose clay heart

one love organics cleansing sponge pink clay

i scrub my face with a steaming hot washcloth every other morning. it helps to get the blood flowing and it also ensures that i don’t apply my moisturizer to a dry face (a huge no-no according to my derm). when visiting follain a couple of weeks ago, i was reintroduced to the konjac sponge. tara recommended one love organic’s version as the anti-clarisonic and the ultimate way to encourage cell turnover and keep things glowing.

one love presents an upgrade to the original with the addition of pink clay. this skincare wonder works to absorb toxins and clogged oil while also combatting skin irritation and dryness. the pink version is perfect for rosacea sufferers and those with mature or dry skin because it calms and exfoliates at the same time. in other words, it works miracles.

to use it, i soak this sponge until it’s soft and fully expanded. then i run it over my face, massaging in circular motions. once i’m done, i rinse it in cool water, squeeze out the excess and hang it to dry. it’s a piece of cake to use and i notice that my skin is far less angry since i’ve switched from washcloth to sweet little sponge.

it’s such a simple upgrade and it’s easy to travel with, meaning that my skin stays healthy when i’m away from home. plus, have you ever seen anything more adorable in your life? i just know that you and your skin will find this little heart is extra easy to love.

one love organics the cleansing sponge rose clay heart, $10 >

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