dermelect MEMENTO manicure extender top coat

steel gray bottle of nail polish top coat

alright, lets’ s talk top coats – because there is nothing more frustrating than rocking a beautiful salon manicure for for a mere 24 hours before boom! chips galore.

to deal with this issue, i have been committed to gel manis for months now because i love the shine and longevity of the polish – although, it can do major damage to my nails. so, when i heard about MEMENTO manicure extender top coat, i had high hopes for its claims of fast-drying, week-long wear and mirror-like shine. it even claims to deliver a gel effect without the UV/LED light – but does it work?

i was a little skeptical about this product because i have used so many top coats before that have made the exact same claims. i wasn’t expecting life-changing results, but i was happily proved wrong. i painted my own nails five days ago and i am here typing this post without a single chip.

if you’re a fan of gel manicures because of how they last, but you don’t love what they do for your nails, you can purchase top coat for the cost of a standard manicure. this little silver bottle has shockingly switched up my strategy and i’m now reaching for regular nail polish. the best part is that i can still enjoy chip-less nails and a gel-like shine that dries almost instantly, without the damage and acetone soak at the end.

do you have a top coat that you love? dermelect has upped my nail game and memento gets a beautiful 10/10 from me!

dermelect memento manicure extender top coat, $16 >

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