living proof full shampoo + conditioner + satin hair serum

living proof full shampoo, full conditioner and satin hair serum

thanks to the mystery that is postpartum hormones, i am experiencing a second round of ferocious hair loss. i don’t know why since i haven’t nursed since last november (thought i was well over the shedding hump!) but apparently it’s all very normal and a number of my fellow new moms are going through it, too. unfortunately that gives me no solace as my hair continues to come out by the handful, so i reached out to my dear friends at living proof with a cry (i mean, there were actual tears) for help. after trying a couple of things that just did not vibe with my hair’s texture, i have found the most beautiful trifecta for keeping my fresh bob in check.

in the shower, i’m working with full shampoo and full conditioner and they are quite the dynamic duo. since my hair gets real greasy by day three, i need something that cuts through all of the buildup to give me a totally clean slate, but that doesn’t parch my strands in the process. full shampoo is perfect because it’s sulfate-free but it still gives me a ton of lather, leaving my hair pristine, but not squeaky. i use it on my scalp only, then i follow up with full conditioner on the ends below the nape of my neck. this conditioner is the ideal balance between being lightweight for my medium-fine hair, but still slick enough to fully detangle and hydrate. i love, love, love these products.

since i’m still on the straightening streak (going strong for about sixteen years now), but i have no talent with a round brush, i need a styling product to do the majority of the work for me. it must be oil-free (because said hormones are also causing raging acne) and it must smooth things out without stealing volume. living proof suggested their satin hair serum and holy freaking cow, is this stuff awesome. one tiny pump is enough to get my whole head of hair in order. things are left with a natural shape and volume that i can still get my fingers through and i’m obsessed with how smooth and shiny my hair looks when it’s done.

maybe it’s the science behind these products that makes them so good, maybe it’s because they come from my hometown of boston, or maybe it’s jennifer aniston’s golden touch, but these three┬áhave not only lifted my hair, they have lifted my spirits. i never mind investing in things that work and my friends, i am telling you, living proof delivers every single time.

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3 Comments to living proof full shampoo + conditioner + satin hair serum

  1. Nancy M says:

    I hear you with the postpartum hormone craziness. I’m 7 months post baby, and am surprised that my body is still in flux. Thanks for the honesty and recommendation!

    • lara ramos says:

      it’s kind of mean, isn’t it? labor, recovery, infant rearing AND a roller coaster of emotions, oh plus hair loss :) congrats on your little one!!

  2. Susan says:

    I really want to try Living Proof’s products, especially their “Full” line! My hair is fine and naturally straight so anything I can do for more volume is worth my while. Their products are sulfate free, too, which is really important to me. Thanks for the mini review!

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