simple micellar make-up remover wipes

sai bennett

in my head, i look like this every morning at daycare drop off. all sultry bed head, perfect gray tee and subtle jewels.


in reality, i roll up to lou’s school each morning looking far less model-turned-actress and far more unkempt mother:¬†usually having brushed my teeth, always in yoga pants, never having showered. the morning struggle is real, but i’m finding that there’s one thing taming my troll’ness just a tad in recent weeks.

makeup wipes and i have never really vibed, but simple micellar make-up remover¬†wipes are a bit of a lifesaver. the ingredients here are super pared down, so running them over my skin doesn’t feel harsh at all. one dose refreshes and hydrates, decreasing the oil slick i tend to wake up with and gently unclogging my pores. i can quickly follow up with my go-to anti-aging moisturizer with spf and feel like i’m one step ahead of my day.

i have also loved using these at night to wipe the day off on makeup-free days. (since i work from home, i leave my face bare unless i have a skype meeting or heaven forbid, i’m seeing friends or colleagues in person!) they just simply reset my skin without any unnecessary cleansers or chemicals.

i’ve blown through my first pack and i’m well into my second, repeat purchases being the ultimate compliment for any beauty treasure that comes across my desk. if your sensitive skin needs something in the manner of a truly gentle cleanse, i can’t recommend these highly enough. i can’t promise they will have you looking like sai bennett up there, but they might just get you a touch closer to her kind of effortless glow.

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One Comment to simple micellar make-up remover wipes

  1. Thanks for the info! After reading your blog about the Simpke micelles water a few months ago I bought it and have been really happy using it. Now with the wipes I’ll be able to travel with the water. It’s very good and so much less expensive than department store products that are exactly the same!