foreo luna mini save the sea special edition

foreo luna mini save the sea

i have always fought demons when it comes to my skin.

my battle with acne has been ongoing for at least 20 years now and as the aging process begins, i find that the texture of my skin is changing, too. i’m not sure if it’s those lovely hormones raging at me once again, but ever since lou was born, my skin is rough and kind of bumpy – no matter how many chemical exfoliants and deep hydrators that i attack it with.

in my younger years, i could just add a scrub to my routine to smooth things out, but scrubs have started aggravating my breakouts and causing skin drama instead of helping things improve. i have heard so many things about the foreo luna and how it’s a less harsh option for people who might not need something as aggressive as the clarisonic. i had to try it.

the luna mini is a non-porous, bacteria resistant, ultra-gentle, deep-cleansing silicone brush. i love it because it is super simple to use and it actually feels soothing as it works. with two cleansing surfaces and two vibrating speeds, it’s got a level of cleaning that will work for everyone and every skin type.

i’ve been running it over my skin, after i apply my cleanser, but while it’s still sitting on my face. immediately after using the luna mini, my skin feels smoother to the touch. like, a lot smoother. everyone loves instant gratification, so i used it at every cleanse for a handful of days. then, once i felt and saw that initial positive change to my skin was staying around, i can use it in a less frequent rhythm to maintain the clarity.

aside from being easy and really fun to use, the silicone makes it a piece of cake to keep clean and it dries quickly – plus there are no brushes to replace. these are all major advances on the clarisonic for me. along with all of that, it’s light as a feather! it’s small enough to tuck into your makeup bag for travel and you don’t feel like you’re lugging a large piece of equipment around – plus the charge lasts forever.

now, it’s an investment at $139 and not all skin types are going to need this little lady in their life, but if you’re struggling with dull skin, breakouts, uneven tone or texture, you’ll find a really nice improvement by adding foreo luna mini into your routine. it’s a simple little step and it makes such a positive change without adding more chemicals into the mix. i’m kind of kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

perhaps the biggest bonus of all is that you opt to purchase this save the sea special edition, your funds help support ocean conservation – and who doesn’t want to help save the sea turtles?

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  1. Hi…sorry about your skin! But I want to warn you…my facialist, who is renowned bio-chemist as well, told me to get rid of Clarisonic and any other motorized brush for my now aging skin as it can leave micro tears in the skin and actually make things worse…I wish I’d known that before I shelled out all that dough!

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