clinique smart custom-repair eye treatment

clinique smart custom-repair eye treatment

my quietly aging eye area has been craving attention. i’ve tried a few things recently – a natural approach, some firming drops – but nothing has thrilled me, and more importantly nothing has made a dent in the suffering skin around my eyes. it’s not that i’m facing anything tragic, just some dryness, light lines, and the occasional blueish tint from lack of sleep. the problem? it can be really tricky to know which type of undereye treatment will impact my issues in a positive way, especially when there are so many of them out there.

when clinique adapted their smart technology to target the eye area, i couldn’t get my hands on the serum quickly enough. the product claims to brighten, firm, plump and repair. it arrived last week and i am practically snuggling up to this little silver bottle at night, because it’s doing all of the right things for my eyes.

first of all, it feels incredible. it’s a silky serum that sinks right in without irritating or feeling sticky. it’s super hydrating right on contact, but it feels light and you only need a very light touch to apply it. the texture of this stuff must be felt to be believed, so get yourself to a clinique counter stat and rub a little bit into the back of your hand.

results-wise, the skin around my eyes is already looking more healthy and vibrant, practically overnight. it’s definitely the most change that i’ve ever seen from an eye product in such a short amount of time. i can’t speak to how this will tackle more serious eye issues like deep wrinkles or severe dark circles, but i think this is a fabulous little product for anyone who is facing general aging and lack of moisture under the eyes. i’m currently using it twice a day and i can really feel it working to target my skin’s needs.

if you’re confused about what your eye area needs, but you know that it needs something i would highly recommend clinique’s latest treatment serum – and if the $49 price tag has you hesitating, ask to take home sample, use it for a few nights and feel the difference. something tells me that you’ll be going back to grab the full-sized bottle in no time.

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