kerastase k curl fever radiant curl shaping gel

kerastase k curl fever

almost overnight, baby lou has become a toddler – and i don’t have nearly enough time to shower as often as i’d like, so you can imagine that painstakingly blow drying and straightening my hair has become a thing of the past. my natural texture falls somewhere between wavy and curly, but it never really looks all that “done” when i let it air dry because it’s on the finer side. in short, while rocking the curls is less work than straightening the bob, it still takes work to look put together.

you might have noticed that air drying has become a thing. there’s definitely a revolution of leaving the hot tools behind and embracing natural hair. products have arrived on the scene totally dedicated to the air-drying phenomenon, promising frizz-free hair with minimal effort, but none of these has impressed me or my hair. i need a product made to work with curls and while i have previously professed my love of salt sprays, they’re just not giving me enough hold anymore.

kerastase is really on to something with curl fever. it was made for fine, lackluster curls. it’s billed as a gel, but it’s more serum-like if you ask me. there’s no stickiness at all and it’s a cinch to apply evenly without flattening my tendrils. once dry, it’s virtually undetectable. it vanishes right into my hair and all that’s left are beautifully shaped curls without frizz or fluff. the best thing about this stuff is that it helps my curls to last for more than just one day. i can sleep on them and scrunch them back to life in the morning, buying me even more time. win!

also high on my list of reasons to love curl fever is that it’s oil free. oil does three things to me – 1) it weighs my hair down 2) it makes it a grease-fest by day two and 3) it will surely cause an acne outbreak. obtaining hydrated curls that are soft and natural without oil is a wonderful (and rare thing) in my book.

so, thank you to kerastase for giving this crazed momma a little sanity and a lot of good looking hair.

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6 Comments to kerastase k curl fever radiant curl shaping gel

  1. Samantha says:

    This was a super helpful review. Sounds like we have very similar hair and time constraints. I will definitely be picking this up!

    • lara ramos says:

      i’m so glad! i’m trying so hard to get some time back and embrace my natural texture – bit it’s a hard transition :)

  2. I’ve been a fan of Kerastase products ever since I stopped chasing all the supermarket offers on shampoos etc. I too have fine frizzy hair which have potential to curl quite nicely if you eliminate the frizz. Thanks to Kerastase I’ve been having more good hair days than bad ones :)

  3. Thank you for this review. I will pick this up!

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