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birmingham bridesmaids

i had the distinct honor of serving bridesmaid duties for a dear friend in birmingham over the weekend. for me, the best very part of getting all dolled up for the occasion is sitting in the makeup artist’s chair and grilling her intensely about her favorite products. this time around, i had the best time chatting with kelsey at morgan ashley salon. (if you are in the birmingham area GO SEE THESE WOMEN NOW. you can see the absolute masterpiece of an updo that wendy crafted for me here.)

i was seriously impressed with all of the products kelsey used on me, but none of them was a more amazing performer than the moisturizing topcoat she slicked into my lips as the finishing step. first of all, it made the super sticky liquid lipstick that she applied feel like heaven (so hydrating!) and secondly when i tell you that my lip looked the exact same at 9:00 p.m. as it did at 9:00 a.m. that morning, i mean it looked the exact same. and i was no dainty doll the day of this wedding either. i ate bagels, drank coffee, drank beer from a bottle, drank beer from a can, sucked down way too many captain and gingers, ate sliders and wedding cake, and danced for three hours straight without so much as a crack or smudge.

if you’re thinking that kelsey must be a sorceress, you’d be half right (her artistry skills are impeccable) but she also has a little $4 trick up her sleeve from covergirl. she applied it with a lip brush almost immediately over top of my lip color and i didn’t put a single thing on my lips for the rest of the day or evening.

if you wear lipstick and can’t stand the thought of it fading in a weird way (or at all) this is quite possibly the very best investment that you can make. and if you’ve known about this product forever and you’ve been keeping it from me, my lips and i bow down to your product prowess.

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