smashbox brow tech gloss stick


let’s talk brows, shall we?

beauty trends have been giving this facial feature a whole lot of attention in recent seasons, increasing the pressure to maintain the perfect set. over the years we have been encouraged to wax, tweeze and beat them back into submission only to find now that big and bold is the way to be. (see also: beauty trends are exhausting.)

at my most recent threading appointment, my brows were abused. they were left in an odd un-natural shape and i was actually bleeding after the session. super frustrated (and in pain), i decided to take matters into my own hands and avoid the waxing table / threading chair in the future. so, recently i have been tweezing strays as they crop up and trying to encourage my brows to come back to life without growing out of control.

since my hair is dark but my skin is fair, my eyebrows can look like they are kind of sparse. they require lots of filling in on the inner corners and some shaping in the middles thanks to aforementioned threading hack job. i’ve tried very hard to find the perfect tool, in the perfect shade to fill them in without looking harsh, but the brow pencil struggle is real.

the innovators at smashbox have created a fab little option with brow tech gloss stick. it’s different from others in that it has a shiny finish that is more natural and it fills in the spaces between my brow hairs without looking garish or obvious. the pencil itself is super slim so i can easily execute short little strokes and it lasts all day without smudging or fading. the difference is in the “gloss” factor that mimics the sheen of brow hairs – but it’s not greasy or glittery, so don’t be thrown by the name.

in a world of flat and matte brow pencils, this one stands out for all of the right reasons –  a definite must for anyone experiencing some growing pains their your brows au natural.

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