murad complete reform

murad complete reform

miracle of all miracles, after months (and months) of trying to clear up my face, it is now blemish free.

on a  recent business trip, one of my coworkers tipped me off to this glycolic acid treatment from murad. desperate to try anything, i procured a bottle and slathered it on my face the very first night it arrived. not expecting big things the following morning (such is the way my acne battle has been faring), you can definitely say that i was shocked to find out how smooth my face was when i woke up. all of my red spots and underlying skin bumps were gone. my face wasn’t red or flaky, it was just beautifully calm and clear.

obtaining some major results on the first night is great (and rare!), but i find the proof to be in repeated use to see if a product really makes a long-lasting impact. in this case, i have been using complete reform on a nightly basis every evening since and my skin has been getting progressively better without a single new breakout cropping up.

i should warn that this is intense chemical exfoliation, but it is actually working for my sensitive skin. it turns out that my face can handle a bit more ammo than i thought it could and mural’s combination of powerful acids with some more calming ingredients are giving me fast and furious results without any irritation.

to say that this little gray bottle has quickly become my holy grail would be a bit of an understatement. i won’t be skipping a dose anytime soon and i have already pre-ordered my next batch so that i do not have to go a night without it.

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