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recently, my skin is loving this foundation. the coverage is beautiful and it doesn’t streak, cause my skin to dry out or break out (both of which have been struggles with other formulas). i use this $7 brush to apply and i rarely need to go back in and spot conceal.

i’m still growing out my brows (the agony!) and as they get a bit unrulier, i’m finding that a brush-through mousse or gel really is the key to keeping them in check. glossier’s option outranks other similar products for color match, natural finish and just the right amount of boldness. it thickens, fills in and tames in one quick-as-a-flash step.

on my lashes, i have discovered colored mascara. this deep, purple brown adds a richness that traditional black cannot compete with. the shade isn’t scary at all – in fact it brightens up my eyes and the color is practically undetectable on lashes. the formula? amazing, super fat and lush volume that wears all day without flaking or smudging.

finally, if beautycounter hasn’t popped up on your radar yet, i highly recommend giving them a look. their products are beautiful, effective, and setting new health and safety standards to boot. i reviewed their lip sheers awhile back and i just picked up a new one in a shade called twig. it would look gorgeous on just about anyone, but i’m reveling in the fact that i have finally found a nude that works for me.

now please, pretty please share any favorite new beauty obsessions with me!

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  1. Alex says:

    I need colored mascara in my life!
    The newest addition to my daily face is the NYX micro brow pencil. It’s perfect for filling in my thin spots and is the best-blending pencil I’ve found!

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