make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover foundation


why is the perfect primer so impossibly hard to find?

while the clarity of my skin has dramatically improved, i still find myself fighting an unsightly texture fiasco that can only be attributed to my inability to drink an appropriate amount of water, lack of sleep and frequent plane travel. i want something that delivers a matte radiance without clogging my pores and creating heinous breakouts – and it’s harder to nail down than you would think.

while on the primer hunt, i have been testing this new-ish MUFE foundation. let me say that i love the coverage here – and when you layer it appropriately, my face is photo-ready flawless. it’s beautiful for a special occasion, but it just doesn’t have quite enough oomph for my everyday face.

still, i totally knew that MUFE was on to something, and as i was clicking around learning more about other influencers’ thoughts on the stuff, i found a ton of people who mentioned using this foundation as a base/primer.


i have been laying down one pump of this underneath of my l’oreal true match and the results are jaw-dropping. it looks clean and fresh yet still like you’re not wearing a drop of anything. it’s kind of amazing.

i use one brush for both products – a recent treat-myself beauty from sigma – and i can’t recommend this trio highly enough. the combination gives me that perfectly pulled together, flawless look that doesn’t feel at all like i’m wearing multiple layers or like i’m trying too hard. it’s a simple solution to one of my longest-running beauty problems and i’m hoping it can provide some salvation for you, too.

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4 Comments to make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover foundation

  1. Jenni says:

    Glad to see someone else loving it as much as I do! MUFE is the best foundation I’ve have EVER used!!! I’m a lifer.

  2. Emily says:

    I too struggle to find the “best” primer. I also wear true match! Looks like this post is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you!


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