Smashbox Primer Water

clear bottle of makeup setting spray

when i read that smashbox had released a primer water i thought the concept was a bit far fetched. i mean, not to knock the fine people at smashbox, but what made this water so special? could i use some fresh dasani and save myself the $32?

well, needless to say i am eating my own sassy words because this water works. after my non-believing ways had me certain that no water on earth could extend my makeup, i was dead wrong. not only does smashbox primer water ensure my makeup gets longer wear time, but it actually refreshes my look and sets it in place.

now, i am using this spray every day before i do my makeup. i hold the bottle about eight inches from my face and let it sink in for five minutes or so. then, i do my makeup as usual and afterwards, i mist my face again, settling any powder and giving me an airbrushed, luminous finish. seriously. is this magic water?

in case you’re curious, the primer water is silicon-free, alcohol-free and oil-free. it is packed with revitalizing electrolytes to wake up skin and restore moisture – kind of like an energy drink for your skin. it gives me a nice, hydrated canvas to put my makeup on and keeps it looking fresh and luminous all day without getting oily. so, although i did not have high hopes for this product, i was happily proved wrong!

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