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i stumbled upon today’s feature while reading refinery29’s post on products that you should not judge by their packaging. oh my, is that ever relevant to that gem of a box up there. (dewy rose petals and the italian flag – what’s not to love?!)

brow gels and i have a history and i think i have reviewed every single tiny-brushed option on the market. there was my first favorite, my second favorite, and my most recent favorite – all are still great, but all have been trumped by the gleaming gold tube above.

here’s why grande browfill is the new top dog:

the formula goes beyond filling in the sparse spots and actually thickens my brows with fibers and polymers. since i have started using it, my brows are noticeably more full. when i apply the product on monday, even after a thorough face washing that evening, i wake up on tuesday with brows that look much thicker and more polished than they did the day before. this is a product that makes a lasting difference in the appearance of sparse brows, and that alone makes for a very solid return on investment.

i apply the product beginning at the brow tail instead of at the inner arch and this new backcombing approach has proven to be life changing. by taking the brush in the opposite direction of which the brow naturally grows, you fluff up the hairs, delivering instant volume and also ensuring that you deposit color in every tiny space. they look a little haphazard after this step, but i let them set like that while i do the rest of my makeup. then, as a final touch, i take a clean spoolie brush through them to get it all flowing in one direction. the results look natural, but still 100 times better than what i actually have going on in the eyebrow department.

i still believe in gels over pencils because i like the quickness in application and you don’t have to be too precise. it’s also practically impossible to overdo. so, if you already use a gel and you’re looking for next level, this is it – and if you’re not already using a gel, ignore all of the other beautifully-packaged choices out there and add this cheesy box to your virtual cart ASAP.

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4 Comments to grande brow-FILL

  1. Erin says:

    I’ve become so attached to my brow pencil I don’t think I could ever switch to gel! But this sounds pretty good!!
    Erin |

    • lara ramos says:

      i have fallen in and out of love with pencils – i tend to have a heavy hand, so they can look a little harsh on me. gel is a bit more idiot proof.

  2. Suzanne says:

    This is on Hautelook today! Ends Monday 11 am!!

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