dove dry spray antiperspirant

dove dry spray antiperspirant

there are few brands that have been in my life as long as dove. in fact, probably one of my youngest beauty memories is opening a new bar of dove soap as a little girl – and that scent, yum!

these days, dove is still a constant in my life. as someone with sensitive skin, their deodorant has been a lifesaver for me and i have used it faithfully through every generation that the brand has released. (you might remember this post.) several months ago, i switched over from dove advanced care to dove dry spray antiperspirant – and i haven’t looked back since. so, when the brand asked to partner with me to spread the word about this groundbreaking product and major glossarie-approved beauty essential, i was more than happy to share my very positive experience.

to be honest, i was originally swayed by the commercial promising me that visible residue on my mostly black wardrobe was a thing of the past. while that is definitely true, i’ve been more excited to find that the spray goes on instantly dry (seriously, no waiting – it’s a big time saver), is invisible on skin (hello, tanks and sleeveless dresses!) and lasts for 48 hours. there’s no denying that this product is a total workhorse, but my favorite scent, the soothing chamomile, makes it seem more like a luxe beauty item. it’s soft and understated, yet so much more sophisticated than your traditional antiperspirant.

the true test for me was to see if it performed at the same level as my beloved solid in taking care of my sensitive underarms – and it does. dove somehow magically balances meeting my needs for protection from sweat with my needs for moisturizing skincare, resulting in softer and smoother skin under my arms.

i could not be a bigger fan of this little discovery and i’ve already been telling everyone that i know. if you’re curious about (or already craving the convenience of) spray antiperspirant, but your skin also requires a touch of TLC, you’re going to want to get on board with this one. there’s a reason why women everywhere are obsessing!

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