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a couple of weekends ago, i had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the drybar in tysons corner. it was my first visit to the famed blowout salon – and i was psyched from hearing such amazing things about services and products.

you’re probably aware that the drybar performs blowouts only – no color, or cuts. the salon has a suggested menu with a ton of options, accompanied by a look book, or customers can bring in pictures for stylists to replicate.

upon walking in, the atmosphere of the salon is like no other. it will probably remind you of your favorite watering hole, with the addition of peppy music, an indulgent rom com playing (for ultimate relaxation) and a smiling face behind the bar offering you water, tea, and even mimosas!

for my chosen style, i opted for a blowout with a little curl and some volume – and holy wow, was i impressed. the stylist didn’t use any hot tools to achieve major shape. thanks to my natural frizz, i am practically besties with my flat iron, so i was pretty shocked to find that she could completely smooth things out using only a blow dryer. the results were ultra soft and bouncy.

while she worked, my stylist used a number of drybar products on my hair that i automatically fell in love with: the mr. incredible (leave in conditioner), hot toddy (heat protectant) and 100 proof (treatment oil). each of them has already been added to my sephora cart, because they work and they smell AMAZING.

since the drybar prides itself on blowouts that will last, you might be curious to hear how many days i was able to enjoy my stunning hair. the answer? 5 full days. i didn’t even use dry shampoo until the 4th day and it gave my hair that extra oomph to power through. much to my surprise, the body, movement and curls didn’t fall at all. if it’s even possible i feel like my blow dry got better as the days went on.

thanks to thick waves and curls, i almost never blow my hair out on my own. (i just don’t have the patience.) this was truly a treat for me and to say that i’m obsessed with this experience is an understatement.

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  1. Your hair looks so good! I’ve yet to try Dry Bar, but I’ve always wanted to! — SC at http://www.samanthachic.com