clinique dramatically different

clinique dramatically different moisturizing cream

if you ask any makeup guru they will tell you that the most important step is prep. how you care for your own skin before laying down foundation or bronzer is key – and since this is the only face you will get, you might as well take excellent care of it.

i  have recently become more serious about my skin, mainly because as i have gotten older, my skin is more and more dehydrated. i get dry patches around my eyes and muzzle area very easily and i also have really sensitive skin, so i have to be careful with what products i use.

having troublesome skin can make it tricky to find those magical moisturizer formulas, but clinique dramatically different moisturizer has changed my skin. this moisturizer is so rich and leaves my skin hydrated all day long, but not greasy (which is very important). i have been using the dramatically different lotion in the morning and the dramatically different cream at night. the only difference between the two is that the cream is a thicker formula, so it works better for me throughout the night (more like a mask) and the lotion is lightweight, perfect for day-to-day wear.

to help with my under-eye dry patches i use the all about eyes eye cream. this is my first eye cream (fun fact – it was lara’s first, too!) and while i know i should have been using it regularly, i just always told myself that i was young and didn’t need it. since working this into my routine, i now know that eye cream doesn’t just help to prevent and combat existing wrinkles. my eyes are far less puffy, more hydrated and my concealer goes on like a dream!

you might be wondering how i truly know these products are working. as a college student, i came home for spring break a few weeks ago and forgot my new products at school. while i was home, i used any old moisturizer i could find and boy, did things go badly. my skin was so dehydrated, with so many dry patches, and foundation was breaking up on my skin. not a pretty sight. i found myself ticking down the days until i could return to school (ha!) and get back to my tried and true clinique line.

not surprisingly, this skin care routine has dramatically (see what i did there?) improved the way my face feels and (even better) the way makeup wears on my skin. i have ditched the dry patches and instead, i’m enjoying a natural glow.

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