clinique pep-start eye cream

clinique pep-start eye cream

first week at the new job was both thrilling and exhausting. my new schedule means that i am awake at 5 daily and back into the routine of getting myself presentable (i.e. dressed) for the office. while i would love to tell you that the reduction in beauty rest has no effect on my face, the truth is that my under eyes cannot tell a lie. the puff and darkness are making themselves known.

i used to think that there was no late-night shenanigans that could not be concealed by it cosmetics bye bye under eye, but this week quickly showed me that if the damage is bad enough, concealer alone will not hide your sins. thankfully, clinique is all over the solution to this common problem and their latest eye innovation, pep-start, is here to save the day.

pep-start is a lightweight eye cream meant to be worn during the day to wake up your face on contact. it instantly hydrates (feels super soothing and ultra refreshing) and visibly brightens, erasing all signs of not tending to your own basic sleep needs. i like to use my ring finger to apply instead of the ball tip because it’s a bit more gentle and i find that it’s easier to work with. once in place, the oil-free formula absorbs quickly, so my foundation stays put when i layer it over top (no creasing!).

aside from brightening my eyes – and i mean really brightening, my dark circles may be minimal, but they vanish after a dose of this stuff – pep start has also really softened the skin. there is far less need (actually, usually no need) for concealer once my face is all done up with primer and foundation. one dose per day provides enough extra hydration to help keep things looking fresh, rested and alert.

i am so pleased with the peak performance from this bright orange tube. i don’t know that any other daytime eye cream has ever made such a difference in my appearance!

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5 Comments to clinique pep-start eye cream

  1. Cait Platt says:

    I love to use the ball application, I roll it around, carefully to not pull the skin, in all the nooks and crannies of my eye area and get a lovely (light) massage. I feel it just adds an extra little something to my morning routine. Because yes, that 5am alarm is brutal.

    • lara ramos says:

      ok you’ve sold me on the ball – going to give it a go tomorrow. i’m sure it helps to get the circulation going and i know using my fingers is dangerous territory :)

  2. I love Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum & have been using it for years, so this product def sounds like something I’d love!! The results sound incredible!

    • lara ramos says:

      so many people love that serum! i think this stuff is worth its weight in gold, but i’m always so curious to hear if other people feel the same :)

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