tata harper elixir vitae eye serum


tata harper elixir vitae eye serum

i don’t know how to tell you this … but i’m in love with a $265 eye serum.

the reason that i’m even writing this post instead of hiding in shame in my bathroom (wondering how i will ever justify repurchasing this magic potion) is that it delivers on every single claim that it makes. so if you can imagine pooling all of the money that you’ve spent on inefficient eye treatments (i.e. overpriced moisturizers) and putting it towards the one thing that might actually change your entire face, keep reading.

tata harper elixir vitae eye serum is targeted, ultra concentrated, and has completely reversed all signs of aging around my eyes. fine lines are plumped, crows feet have vanished, and my eyes have never looked so youthful. the smoothing effects were visible after the very first application and the crop of budding wrinkles that had taken over my eye area are harder and harder to find every morning since.

i could honestly write pages on why i love this stuff so much, but it really comes down to the simple fact that it gets the job done. my eyes are as bright and full of volume as they were…well, i can’t even remember when. the bottle is massive and the tiniest drop covers both eyes. coming from someone who doesn’t even pay this kind of money for denim, i’m telling you – this is the holy grail.

** alas if $265 isn’t in the cards, the reviews have been pouring in for this option as an alternative. (please let me know if you scoop it up – it’s high on my wish list and i am so curious to see if it delivers!)

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