the estee edit late night eraser brightening eye balm

the estee edit late night eraser brightening balm

let me preface this post by saying that i got up at 3:45 a.m. today.

thankfully that’s not the norm (i’m en route to NYC for the day and had to catch an early train), but please tell that to the skin under my eyes, which is wearing all signs of a too-short sleep cycle. whilst my tired self certainly feel like it could use a third cup of coffee, today’s hero product has worked some major magic on the puffs and creases i woke up with to reveal an under eye situation that’s perky and bright.

inside this tube by estee lauder is a thick, luxurious, not-at-all greasy balm with a gorgeous pearly sheen. i like to apply it over my moisturizer (either before or after my primer, depending on when i remember) and on the sleepiest of mornings, it smooths into place easily. it works like an extra hour or two of rest, delivering instant life and brightness to the half moon area under my eyes, counteracting puff and discoloration and basically working like hangover cure for my entire face.

while it’s less hydrating than this option (and it lacks SPF) it seriously changes the game in dire lack-of-sleep situations. in fact, the other morning i thought i could skip it, completed my makeup routine and then applied it OVER my foundation to the tune of outstanding results.

for anyone who likes to indulge or stay up past their bedtime, this wonder product is one to keep on hand because you’ll just never know when you need it. if you’re me, you’ll need it monday through friday without fail, but your coworkers will be none the wiser about your shenanigans / you will come off as the magical person who can survive on a few hours sleep and still slay her ad agency brief. (here’s hoping!)

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