lancôme le teint particulier custom made makeup

Lancôme Le Teint Particulier

one of the biggest frustrations when buying a new foundation is finding your perfect shade. nothing is worse than thinking you have a great match, stepping into natural light (this usually happens to me in my car) and realizing your face does not match the rest of your body. foundation is such an important step in my makeup routine. it’s the base that all of my other products will lay on, so i take it pretty seriously. when i got the opportunity to try the new lancôme le teint particulier custom made makeup i jumped at the chance.

this new cutting-edge system whips up your ultimate, perfect shade of foundation. the process is very simple. the beauty advisor will scan your face in two different areas to find out your true tone. once the data was processed, i was diagnosed as 50/50 – or completely neutral. the advisor will then ask your preferred coverage and your skin type to determine how much pigment and moisturizer will be put into the foundation. now, here comes the fun part: your personalized foundation formula is blended right in front of you at the counter and you get a specialized shade number on the bottle for easy reference for a refill.

when my foundation was finished blending, i was amazed by the results. the color match was perfection. the foundation truly looked like second skin. the formula was long-lasting, breathable and it’s oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free, perfect for my sensitive skin! this new unique service is truly remarkable and it was so exciting to watch it come to life right in front of my eyes.

if you find yourself having trouble finding a foundation, whether it’s the color match or even the formula i highly suggest trying this new lancôme system. there is nothing else like it and i hope that it’s a sign of more custom makeup to come!

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