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benefit ka-brow!

it has been over three months since my bomb brow experience at the benefit counter inside of ulta – and my brows are on the total verge of returning to their unruly selves.

in fact, it’s typically that point in the growth phase that would prompt me to consider making a wax appointment, but before i go rushing back to my girl hailey, i decided to see if benefit could make an even bigger believer out of me by testing a couple of their newly launched brow goodies. i had high hopes that they could extend the life of my waxing – and boy, oh boy, have they delivered.

i have been alternating crafting my daily brow with two products – precisely, my brow pencil and ka-brow! cream-gel eyebrow color.

the pencil is so-o good. for starters, it’s micro thin which makes for very realistic filled in hairs, and the “lead” itself is just the right amount of firm. my truly brow-obsessed mavens will know that if a pencil is too hard, the color does not transfer properly, too soft and you can easily overdo it. delicate balance is the name of the game, and benefit has nailed it. i love the way that this naturally fills in my brows and the spoolie blends everything together beautifully. such a win on such a staple product.

the pomade is a new concept for me and benefit’s take on it has a super precise little brow brush that makes all of the difference. (you can even snap it into the cap for an easy-to-hold elongated brush.) i like to use this to achieve more of a polished, pulled together brow. the process takes a little bit more time than filling in with a pencil and requires a little more attention to detail. the formula here is golden, easily lasting through the day – but the beauty of this one is in the brush. it’s perfectly shaped to mimic brow hairs, but sweeping it vertically across brows blends arches into place. it’s a wondrous little pot and i really love it.

benefit continues to make a believer out of me in the brow department. these products have an unexpected way of turning even the most amateur brow artist into a pro. the formulas are incredible, the packaging is gorgeous, and the results are basically unbeatable. i had no idea that i would be loving their whole concept so much, but it’s safe to say that my brows have never looked better, thanks to benefit.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    As a Brow Expert at Benefit, the Kabrow is my favorite product to use on my clients from our new Brow collection :)

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