early fall roll call


you guyssss, i miss talking beauty with you.

i’m determined to find a way to make some time for writing, because this lack of sharing the product love is not working for me.

so, let’s play a quick game of catch up and review what’s rocking my makeup world, yeah?

lately i’ve gotten back on board with this drugstore staple – it’s good, reliable stuff and it is completely filling the void that my summer foundation left behind. i’ve rediscovered this powder and i’m even more obsessed with it now than i was when i originally reviewed it. it somehow warms up my skin, adds glow and locks my look in for a very long day. for my cheeks there’s no denying the magic of this blush. it’s like a perfect sunset, it flatters everyone and the subtle healthy pop of color looks good in every single season.

i still cannot get enough of this lip. (spoiler alert, i recently researched and purchased a similar product that has been around since the 70’s! it apparently stains your lips for 12 hours.) the color is always perfect, always comfortable to wear, and long lasting. my lashes are in a state of flux, but i’m fully captivated by this new technology. it has been fun to play around with, gorgeous long, tapered lashes and no smudging. (possibly more to come on this one!)

as to be expected, my beauty wish list is ever growing, and i would love to hear what’s on yours!

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2 Comments to early fall roll call

  1. Keri L says:

    Love your blog, Lara, and wish you had time to post about new products every day! I’m proof that a 47 year old woman can STILL be obsessed with products. Anyhow, FYI, the Clinique Flutter to Full mascara is not exactly new technology, since I used to buy a product in the 1980’s by Maybelline called “Dial A Lash” and I can still remember the TV commercial for it! Look it up if you want to incorporate that bit of history if you decide to review the Clinique.

    • lara ramos says:

      I LOVE THIS ALL OF THIS!! thank you for the maybelline tip – it’s amazing how everything old is new again :) and an extra thank you for stopping by and saying hi. hope you will keep with me as i hope to get back into regular posting!