albeit lip scrub from anthropologie


there’s a beautiful new jar in my morning routine and it comes from what is quickly becoming one of my favorite lip brands – albeit from anthropologie.

i tested this scrub in store while filling my arms full of soft jackets and drapey tops, and the resulting smoothness had me grabbing one on my way to the checkout. i have tried a lot of lip smoothers in my day (chronically dry lips + a career in beauty + a matte lip trend = flaky disaster) and this one is top notch. gorgeously soft and hydrated lips make for one perfect lip canvas – and i find that my boldest lip colors hang around longer (and more comfortably!) when i start my day with this stuff.

so let’s look at formula:

chunky sugar crystals are mixed with tons of moisturizing oils (argan, jojoba, olive, and marula) plus vitamin e and aloe for the literal sweetest combination. it smells and tastes de-licious! i like to rub a small amount into my lips while going through my toning / moisturizing / priming regimen. by the time i get through my foundation, i can lightly dust off any spare sugar and the surrounding balm leaves my lips healthy and glowing.

i let the balmy situation sit while i commute and then when i pull into work, i craft my daily lip. there’s a very slight tackiness to the balm that this scrub leaves behind and it actually works as a subtle primer to some of my favorite lip colors. i find that my color wears more evenly (no more clown mouth!) and my lips have never been softer.

to sum it up, this pleasant surprise of a product is perfectly prepping my lips for all color, from sheer to bold. on top of that, it’s helping them to feel more comfortable during the day – and as a final testament, it’s 3:00 p.m. as i type this and my lip color has been going STRONG since 6 a.m.

in short, a cool $14 might just change the performance potential of your entire lip wardrobe.

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