mac liptensity collection


jumping in with a quickie – because these vibrant new lipsticks from MAC are just too good not to share.

when this absolute prism arrived at my door, it took some major restraint not to swatch all of them immediately. (sadly, my lips would probably fall off, because #sensitivityproblems) thanfkully, this gem of a youtube’r has done all of the hard work for me and so i was able to settle in on the several shades that i would be coveting/hoarding/switching out daily. the video is definitely worth a watch because i found that almost all of these read very differently on the lips than they do in the tube – but they are all stunnnning.

the payoff is so good because the pigment on these puppies is INSANE and i really love the way that they wear. they are slicker and more high-shine than i was anticipating, but they pack a serious punch and they are surprisingly unfussy for a rich formula.

my favorites are easily doe (a neutral brown – such a risk for me and a sweet surprise), ambrosial (a bright plum pink – closest to my go-to shade, no matter the brand) and medium rare (a creamy soft pink, perfect for work).

bottom line? these are gorgeous. so hop along to your favorite MAC counter and pick up one or twelve – i can’t wait to hear what you think and which shades i need to add to my collection.

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