stepping up my lip + eye care


i have dabbled in grown up under eye and lip care over the years, landing most recently on a very spendy serum and reinvigorated my love affair with this dior balm. even though i love that duo, my most habitual routine in recent months has actually been slathering good old vaseline under my eyes and on/around my lips. it seals in moisture like no other and the lasting hydration is extra impressive. however, while it may be holding the fort and seems to be preventing further damage to those areas, i do not get the sense that it counteracts or lessens my existing lines.

clearly it’s time to get a bit more serious.

i purchased this laneige lip mask after letting it hang out on my amazon wish list for way too long. the reviews were almost too good to be true, but when it arrived i knew that i had my hands on something special. a little bit of the thick balm goes a long way and i wake up each morning with soft, supple lips. i love how it adheres to my lips while i sleep. it soothes, plumps, and softens lines and i also think that the chubby pink tub will last me a lifetime.

for my eyes, the fine people at it cosmetics sent along their gorgeous bye bye under eye cream. holy moly do i love this stuff. not only does it pave the way for my favorite under eye concealer of the same name, but it glides on under my eyes without tugging, sinks in beautifully and feels cooling on contact. it’s like the skin is sighing relief once i put it on. the most noticeable effects are hydrating and brightening, with diminished baggage and dark circles – very impressive results if you ask me.

i love the way that these products and their luxe textures make me feel pampered, like i’m really taking good care of my skin. the bright, smooth, and tight results? are just icing on the cake.

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