2016 taught me


how is it possible that we are on the verge of 2017? i swear it was january just 5 minutes ago. time passing at the speed of light aside, here are ten beauty lessons learned in 2016:

trust your brows to benefit. end of story. their ULTA services and corresponding products will give you the best arches of your life. i promise.

do not underestimate an investment foundation. the unending daily chorus of “your makeup looks great!” basically means that it pays for itself.

i might never wash my face again.

this blush is a cult classic for a reason. it makes me look healthy and awake – the perfect not-too-shimmery icing to my charlotte tilbury cake.

price of 6 blowouts = this flat iron = healthier hair = worth every penny

speaking of hair, turns out that you can get a fly ‘cut for $45. i broke up with my $100 guy and opted for an edgier junior stylist this summer. it has made all of the difference. (if you live in loudoun county, va plz go see kati.)

good hair products know no age. (alternately titled: i have officially won the war over baby fine and tangly toddler curls!)

fact: a capsule lip wardrobe makes you more confident in meetings.

a new set of these brushes is cheaper and less time consuming than a cleansing routine.

buying this stuff in bulk means that i will never look tired again.

and BONUS: these two (up there) make me a better version of myself.

happy new year to you and yours xxxxx

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