my skincare wish list


i would adore all of the time in the world to amble around sephora like a kid in a candy shop, but recently it’s just not making it to the top of the to-do list.


i did however manage to find a cool 15 minutes on monday’s holiday morning for a speed lap and ohhhh boy, there are some very shiny new skincare treats on the market and everyone should be tempted by these beauty breakthroughs.

for starters, this moisturizer is haunting my dreams. i had the chance to test it today and holy moly, it’s a game changer. it felt thick, but not heavy, and glowy on contact. i still can’t stop touching the spot on the back of my hand where i rubbed it in. rest assured that i will be making it mine very, very soon.

after testing a lip color that settled directly into my fine lines (ugh!), i went on a fierce hunt for what’s happening in lip treatments. i quickly added this scrub and this balm to my basket. the balm is like a shiny, glassy version of vaseline, but more hydrating and with a minty flavor. the scrub has super impressive reviews and has been on my list for-ever. i love that the granules are nestled into a nice conditioning balm and that i don’t have to dip my finger into a pot to get the job done.

finally, i purposely spent some time playing with priming moisturizers on this outing (because they are EVERYWHERE), but the jury is still out. i love the way that this one felt on contact and this one actually wowed me with its primer-like glide and pearly iridescence. i can see why it has so many raving fans! it does feel like it might clog my pores, so i skipped it…but it’s still nagging me, so i want to take it for a sample test drive this week.

there is so much breakthrough technology and innovation happening in skin, i need a second face to test all of it.

are there any new skincare heroes lining your vanity?

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