becca under eye brightening corrector

the most crucial face-changing part of my beauty routine has quickly become under eye brightening. my dark circles are not severe enough to require real “concealing” but they have been intensifying past the point that this cream is able to remain my go-to solution.

so when reviews of becca under eye brightening corrector popped up around the web, it rose to the top of my wish list almost instantly. everyone was obsessed with this stuff and the moral of the story seemed to be somewhere along the lines of “blurring dark circles? no. more like causing them to vanish without a trace to be seen anywhere until the end of time.”

game on.

as i have been testing this pot of miracle corrector, i have to say that the reviewers were correct. i gently press one finger pat into the area under my eyes, starting very close to the water line and progressing down into the triangle of light. the consistency is perfect (not too thin or too thick) and it’s slightly tacky, so it stays where you put it and remains there all day long. (note: you definitely want to use your finger to apply since i think the heat helps it to blend out the most seamlessly.)

it erases all under eye darkness on contact and once my foundation is layered over top, all that remains is a subtle light-reflecting brightness where dullness used to live. it does not crease or settle into the lovely little crop of fine lines that i’m collecting beneath my lashes and i love the way that it preps skin for a smooth foundation application and coverage.

all in all, i am very impressed with this one. it came across my desk at just the right time – and as life continues to throw curve balls my way (welcome to #adulting) it’s nice to know that there’s something incredibly reliable living on my vanity.

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  1. Jill says:

    Lara – love your blog. I actually just got the late night eraser based on your previous post. I could see how it doesn’t work for dark circles though…what do you think is best for under-eye puffiness? I need to get it under control and Pinterest home remedies don’t do the trick!

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