Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

priming moisturizers are everywhere.

since glossier launched (what i believe to be) the OG in 2014, other brands have popped up on the scene with their own version of this multitasker. i can get on board with anything that helps me to skip a step and slather just a little less product on my face, but i am yet to find one that works seamlessly with my skin type. glossier’s was a little light and the caudalie take was nice and hydrating, but gave way to mid-day shine, more so than when i went without primer altogether.

in short, i’ve been stumped on this trend – until now.

leave it to a truly fab (wink!) little skincare brand to create the ultimate response to the beauty industry’s cry for two-steps-in-one moisture and prep. first aid beauty hello FAB coconut skin smoothie priming moisturizer actually does one better than all of the other options in market. not only does it hydrate (oil-free i might add) and prime (smooths and blurs my uneven texture and minimal breakouts), but it also visibly brightens with a natural, dewy glow.

out of the tube, the product is an ivory-champagne shade and once you smooth it into place, you’ll instantly notice the micro-pearls designed to reflect light and keep things looking luminous. it definitely doesn’t go glittery on your skin, though – the slight shimmer is only noticeable on my fingertips after i apply. it hydrates beautifully without feeling heavy and, considering that i added this to my routine in february when my skin is oh-so-slightly flaking off, i’m taking this is a pretty good sign that it would work for drier skin types, too.

i love the way that the formula grips on to makeup without clogging my pores. it keeps my look locked all day long, but is very easy to remove and hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin in the least. it plays nicely with my current favorite foundations (one for work and one for off duty, natch) and at $28, i’m pretty sure that this tube is going to replace far more expensive routines on vanities everywhere.

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