curel hydra therapy wet skin moisturizer

please let it be known that i am the laziest.

this is why i don’t wear eyeliner, don’t blow my hair out with a round brush, and i rarely mask. these beauty sins are bad enough, but possibly nothing pains me more than putting on body lotion.

the problem goes beyond dry elbows, though. as i age, taking care of the skin below my chin is becoming increasingly important, but even though i know it’s wrong, i still just can’t seem to stick to a hydrating routine.

thankfully the industry is wise to this issue because there are all kinds of gimmicky body moisturizers out there. i tried this spray version and found mild success (it now lives under my sink) but it seems like the only thing that could possibly save me is an in-shower concept.

curel kindly sent me their hydra therapy wet skin moisturizer and after first use, i was hooked. this is a lazy beauty addict’s match made in moisturizer heaven. let me walk you through:

the bottle lives in your shower and after you turn off the water, but before you towel off (while you are still soaking wet), you apply a few pumps of this balmy gel-like substance to your skin. it requires hardly any rubbing in at all because the water on your skin lets it glide over everything. so,¬†if it takes you longer than 30 seconds, you’re doing it wrong.

because your pores are still open from your hot shower, all of the hydrating benefits penetrate deeply and immediately. the second you’re done lubing up, you can towel off all of the slime and voila! you’re done. skin is left silky, silky, silky – even for days after i’ve showered.

it’s effortless, greaseless, and my skin is looking the best it ever has.

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