fresh sugar lip treatment perfecting wand

oh fresh, how i love you.

you had me on lock back in the early aughts with sugar lip treatment untinted and since then we’ve been through every shade under the sun, plus advanced therapy. you have only very (very) rarely let me down and that’s why i knew perfecting wand would be something special.

the treatment itself is smooth and glossy – it brings a nice shine to my lips and keeps things hydrated until i slick on my bold lip of the day – but, the magic in this wand is in the applicator. when i pass it over my lips each morning, dead skin and rough patches disappear. the tiny little scrubbers stimulate and exfoliate bringing out a natural flush of color and seriously plumping up my pout.

over a couple of weeks, this product has actually sharpened my weak lip lines, giving shape and dimension where there used to be none. it has also worked serious magic on the fine lip wrinkles that have sprouted up in the last year or so. i have been looking for something to do this for-ever, trying every balm and mask i could find – but something about the increased circulation brought on by this little wonder is doing the trick.

the ingredient list claims to seal in moisture, improve skin flexibility, fight dryness, moisturize, soften, support suppleness, hydrate and protect. (phew!) i can check the box and approve every single one of those based on the results i’ve had. in fact, i’m loving this much more than a traditional lip scrub. it’s easier to use, less messy, and more effective.

so, fresh, you’ve got me once again – and these deliciously hydrated, younger-looking lips thank you very much.

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