laura geller diamond dust baked gelato swirl illuminator

so highlighter pretty much ranks up there with liquid eyeliner for me. i never know if i’m doing it right and i always kind of feel like a poser. i can very much appreciate its purpose and all of the glowy gals on instagram make it look super inviting, but in my day to day? it has mostly felt silly.

last month, i attended a big beauty expo in florida and everyone there was walking around with this KILLER HIGHLIGHT. i stopped several girls to see what was happening and they directed me to the laura geller booth where i was plopped down by an adorable MUA and dusted in diamonds. (not really, but the highlighter she used is called diamond dust and i’m going to call that pretty spot on.)

what happened next was something like –

me (looking in the mirror): “whooooa…what is that?”
adorable makeup artist: “it’s your color.” wink

(it was apparently everyone and their mother’s color at this expo, but whatever. it looked hot and i wanted it.)

fast forward to my return from orlando, prompt email to my sweetest-ever friends at laura geller and a happy dance when diamond dust arrived on my front steps. i have been swirling my favorite brush into this goodness daily and applying it in a reverse c, grazing my brow bones and the highest, most outer parts of my cheeks.

the sheen it gives off isn’t yellow or gold which i think is what makes this so universally flattering and not-at-all scary to wear. it’s a translucent glow that shifts only very very slightly pink from its white base. and when i tell you that people stop me in the street to ask what this highlight is, i am not exaggerating. i have had coworkers, waitresses and perfect strangers tap me for details because it’s that good.

sneaky laura geller has made this limited edition so i would scoop it up quickly or runĀ into ULTA to give it a test and let the compliments pour in. (seriously. don’t say i didn’t warn you!)

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