caudalie vine[activ] 3-in-1 moisturizer


ever since clearing up my skin from a heartbreaking stint with acne a couple of years ago (thank you so super much for that treat, postpartum hormones), when i now find something that works for my face, i tend to stick with it.

during the great skincare cleanup phase of early 2016, i discovered this caudalie moisturizer and oh man, has it brought me some happy pores. i have repurchased more than once and i scoop up the mini version every single time that it’s available with my sephora points. it has been a long-term love affair for sure.

but now that things have been clear for awhile (knock on all of the wood) i have started to want a bit more from my hydrator – some anti-aging power and protection would be extra nice. i returned to the caudalie family (because if it ain’t broke) and was delighted to discover the new-ish vine[activ] line. the moisturizer was especially intriguing and i loved the way it felt on the back of my hand during an in-aisle test. it’s lightweight but glides on super smooth, soaking right in. it feels really refreshing, smells incredible, and after a longer test, i found that it did not irritate my sensitive skin in the slightest.

well, no surprise, now it’s mine and we’re a few weeks into daily use. my skin LOVES this moisturizer. it has improved my complexion even further (my no-makeup days have me doing a major double take in the mirror), faded my acne scars due to some brightening ingredients and it fights the effects of aging through polution all day long as i wear it. it also has the oh-so-slightest mattifying effect that grips on to my go-to foundation without the need for a primer.

my only hope is that caudalie adds SPF because then it would be straight up holy grail status – but they have gotten it pretty darn close to perfect (at least for me) and that’s worth far more than the $44 investment.

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