the best of november beauty

hi strangers. i don’t know how, but it’s freakin’ december.

life continues to spiral and swirl in NYC – in all of the best ways, promise. it’s just that everything seemed to get bigger, faster and more all at the same time. it’s a lot, but it’s GOOD and we’re adjusting.

i still collect, hoard and test beauty products at an above average rate, so nothing’s changed there. one day i hope to pop up here more often than monthly, but for now here’s the best of the best of what i found in november:

  • this hydator was in the beauty bag of a colleague (we were comparing eclectic brand mixes within our own bags – as you do) and once i read the ingredient list, i knew i had to have it. when i tell you this stuff LOVES my combination skin – it’s purely insane how the superfoods have tightened things up and smoothed them out. my face is deliciously plump and hydrated without getting greasy at all. if i could bathe in it, i probably would.

  • i’ve been having a bit of a schizophrenic moment when it comes to blush – i’m never satisfied and i always want that coveted winter flush. something that makes me look healthy and young, like i have a touch of a fever or have had a few too many drinks. (does that happen to anyone else?) this guy in the mini size and a stippling brush (i love this one) are delivering that dream and then some. the resulting pink is perfection – the vibrant coral red and muted champagne really come together for the ultimate tinted cheek.

(ps – can we just praise beauty in miniature size? it’s the literal best. maybe it’s me, but i’m on to the next thing before i’ve made a visible dent in most things, so the more tiny products, the merrier!)

  • i have some sort of adult-onset lip sensitivities going on and i’ve had more recent flare ups then i care to recount. i still love a bold, matte, lip (due to aforementioned sensitivities, i have sworn allegiance to this formula until the end of time – the bullet is the perfect size to give me a sculpted lip without a liner or mirror) – but that requires a flake-free canvas. this new lip mask kicks my old lip mask to the curb. my lips are smooth and soft, and i swear my lines are dissipating. thank you, thank you clinique gods and goddesses!

  • i love an intense, bold, lacquered lash – but my sparse little natural lashes can barely handle that kind of formula. it’s like they crumble under the weight or something. the formula here is very, very goopy and you must kind of expertly craft and build your lash look, using a lot of patience and a lash comb to clear out the clumps. the formula holds all day long, though – including on bottom lashes which never (EVER) happens for these watery eyes.

for extra credit, i recently replaced my original set of mini slants (purchased in 2001 – those things have some long legs!), purchased a second bottle of this glittery shade and treated myself to this (which i am admittedly still making friends with – she is BOLD).

next up – christmas wishes!

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