five non-beauty obsessions


little by little

i swear, i’m going to get back to regular writing if it kills me. (hopefully it doesn’t.)

i’m obsessed with the two women behind this podcast. they are real, warm and sweet – the audio version of your high school track sweatshirt and a mug of hot tea on your mom’s couch. i love listening to them and they wrap every show with obsessions. it’s a tiny peek into their personal world and some of the big or small, tangible and non-tangible things making them happy.

so, in true girl next door style, here are a few of my current obsessions:

this coat, snagged on amazon for $60 (still a steal at its current price). i needed a puffer for these negative degree walks to work (brr!) and it being my first winter in NYC, i did not want to obsess over style (that can come next season) – just function and warmth. this thing nailed it.

bombas socks. our creative agency gifted me a boxed set for the holidays and holy cozy comfort. these are supportive (if you can say that about a sock), the ultimate boot or lounge sock and they boast a seamless toe – total game changer. my husband has already stolen two pairs (yes we have almost the same size feet #soweird) and i just forced him to place his own order – because back off buddy, the socks are mine.

my girlfriend leggings. these are kind of old news, but i got a pair sent to me during the promo phase where they only charged you shipping and i am ready to order my second pair. they are made of recycled bottles (amazing) and have held up far better than any other pair i’ve ever owned. they are high rise, slimming, fit like a glove and do not pill or stretch out. i mean…lulu-who?

this coffee mug, discovered here. everyday, times two, i bus, i train, i walk – it’s a journey and i need hot coffee to get me through, plus a spill-proof situation (because, mass transit is unpredictable at best) that i can throw in my new favorite tote and go without worry. i’m going to grab a second one soon – and that lavender shade is calling my name.

springy, statement earrings. they make such a powerful pop and instantly dress up the most minimal black top. you can also snag them in a smaller size if dramatic florals aren’t your daily go-to.

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