crop antioxidant eye serum

the anxiety over my favorite and basically irreplaceable (due to its insane price – ugh) eye serum running out is real.

i have been hunting diligently for its replacement, falling first for this (still a contender, but not quite the brightening and smoothing effect that i need – aaand my husband stole it), then for this (also still a contender, strong in the brightening, less strong in the tightening). somewhere in my travels i tried this (didn’t love it – except the texture is very cool)…but none of them can even hold a candle to my go-to.

then a week ago, i read this review of a very reasonably priced serum that i had never heard of. skip ahead approximately 35 seconds and i made quite possibly the quickest amazon purchase ever in life, because compelling beauty writing will always get me to pull the trigger. always.

crop natural antioxidant eye serum arrived in a speedy 48 hours (thank you prime goddesses) and i’ve been getting acquainted ever since.

my take?

it’s VERY good. like the byrdie writer says in her review, this is less serum and more gel. it feels cold and delicious going on, then it kind of tightens and freezes everything into place. if i touch the skin under my eyes once it’s settled in, it feels like glass – totally smooth and crease free. then i sleep on it and wake up with eyes that are dark circle-less without any puff. none!

for me, the true test for a PM eye treatment of any kind is to see if i can go sans concealer the next day and not look dead. (i actually hate the way concealer looks under my eyes. it’s never natural and i would rather zap lines and darkness at the source than cover them up, hence my relentless search for eye cream…bet you’re glad we’re all caught up on that.) so i’m very happy to report that the mornings after applying crop, i can get away with just my daytime eye cream and foundation. big win.

i’m still not ready to toss my tata harper, but when something this good comes along at one tenth of the price, it’s impossible not to give it some love.

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