NYX #thisiseverything lip oil

as a proud member of team #COVERGIRLmade, i really hate it when the competition wins me over. like, really hate it – but sometimes they put something out there that’s so good, that i just can’t ignore it.

NYX #thisiseverything lip oil has been calling to me for awhile, so when i saw it on display last week, i coughed up the very agreeable $6.

i tried it first on dry, naked lips and i think i actually said “wow” out loud after applying. it hydrates and adds shine while being so unbelievably moisturizing. i could not stop rubbing my lips together. bonus points for there being virtually no taste or smell and zero tacky feel.

the next morning, i tried it as a lip primer, slicking it on while i got ready and then blotting it off before applying color. i loved it! it delivers weirdly long-lasting hydration, even after the actual product fades from my lips.

and it works on top of lip color, too – especially the super drying ones that are favorites in the beauty community like this one and this one. a few dots of NYX #thisiseverything lip oil on parched, pigmented lips turns these somewhat-painful products into something really gorgeous and easy to wear. (just note that while it doesn’t compromise their staying power, they do tend to transfer a bit more than usual with the addition of the oil.)

so, quick recap: NYX has basically created a cosmetic swiss army knife with this one, and while i’m really cranky about them churning out another winner, i’m nothing if not brutally honest and fair in my beauty musings. (and i’m also halfway out the door to buy my second tube!)

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2 Comments to NYX #thisiseverything lip oil

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m so glad you are blogging again. I bought the lip oil today. I also bought the mascara you posted on insta stories on amazon last week.

    • lara ramos says:

      thanks so much! it feels great to be getting back into it. i hope you love the lip oil and mascara as much as i do :) and thanks for sticking with me on my longer-than-intended sabbatical!

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